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Disability Claims: What Types Are There?

Disability Claims and the Different Types

There are many different types of disability claims that can be filed.  They can be based on disabilities that are pre-existing but were made worse while on active duty. Those that occurred while on active duty.  Those that arose after leaving the military service’s active duty.  There are also special circumstances disability claims.

Pre-Discharge  Claims

Members of the service that are within 180 days of separation or retirement from active duty or full time National Guard duty may file a claim for disability compensation.

Pre-Service Disability Claims

If you entered the military with a known disability and this disability became worse while on active duty, you may be eligible for disability compensation.  The compensation will only be paid for the level of aggravation (how much worse the disability got).

In-Service Disability Claims

Claims that are based on a disabilities that occur and are a result of an injury or disease while serving on active duty.  Exclusions include those of misconduct or abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Post-Service Disability Claims

Claims for disabilities that are a result of disabilities considered to be service related even though the disability arose after being on active duty.

Special Circumstances Claims

Claims for compensation not based on an active duty event.  For instance, a surviving spouse may wish to file a claim for a need for an aid in attendance after surgery for a disability that had been determined to be service-connected.


You can find more valuable information on this site.  There is information on how veteran’s disability claims are processed and how the VA determines disability claims eligibility.

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