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Disability Claims Process: How Is My Claim Processed?

Disability Claims Processing

Once you have submitted your claim there are 8 different steps to most disability claims processing.  The following steps are the disability claims process:

  1. Once your claim has been received by the VA, you should receive a receipt from the VA that they have received it.  If you apply on-line you should receive acknowledgement within one hour of submitting your claim. If you submitted your disability claims process  by mail it will take approximately one week after the VA receives your claim to notify you with your receipt.
  2. The next step in the disability claims process is the review step.  It will be assigned to a Veterans Service Representative and reviewed.  At this time they will determine whether there is additional information needed and you will be contacted.  If they do not need any more evidence it will then be directed to the Preparation for Decision step.
  3. This is the gathering evidence step in the disability claims process.  The Veterans Service Representative will request evidence from the sources required.  This could be from you, a medical professional or a government agency or other authority.  Your claim may return to this step once additional evidence is acquired.
  4. Once all the evidence required is received your claim will be redirected back to Step 3, the gathering evidence step.
  5. In this step of the disability claims process, the Veterans Service Representative has recommended a decision and prepares the required document detailing the decision.  There may be more evidence required and it will return to Step 3.
  6. This is the step where the recommended decision is reviewed and the final award approval is made. Again, if more evidence is required it will be sent back to Step 3.
  7. Step seven is the step where your decision packet is prepared to be sent to you.
  8. Complete.  The decision packet has been mailed to you.

How Long Will These Steps Take?

There are several factors involved in determining how long your claim will take to process.  Depending on how complex your disability is, the number of disabilities you claim and how much evidence you have provided and what is available all play in to the time it will take to process.

If you filed your claim on-line you will be able to track the status by logging into  Where you filed will also play into the length of time it will take for your claim to be processed.

You can visit the VA’s website ASPIRE to find out the average processing days for your regional office that your claim was filed with.  To find the average days of the state that you filed in you can go to the ASPIRE site and follow the directions below:

  1. Find your state and click on it (Place the cursor of the state you filed in)
  2. This will open the Veterans Administration Aspire.Benefits site.  Click Enter
  3. You will see a split table.  On the left table click on “Compensation”
  4. This will expand the table.  Approximately five rows down is “Rating Claims Processing Time”
  5. Follow that row to the right until you locate the cell located within the column of your regional office

The number that is revealed is the average processing day to complete a claim that requires disability rating.  The average is based on completed claims since October 1st in a given fiscal year.

As you may encounter, some of these processing days may be extremely long and frustrating.  This is where Gordon Johnson, Atty. Brain Injury Law Group, S.C can help you.  By calling us we can help expedite your claim or help you with an appeal if your claim has been denied.

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